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where mihimaru GT fans can come together!


Welcome to currently the only mihimaru GT community on LiveJournal! This place was created for all you mihimaru GT fans out there, since mihimarugt was saddly deleted. Feel free to post photos, lyrics, news, questions, icons, media, and anything else about the duo. There are only a few simple rules to follow:

Stay on topic; this is a community for mihimaru GT only
When posting large images, or more than 3 icons please use an lj-cut!
Friends lock posts containing downloadable media
No drama! Be polite to the other members.
Please do not advertise other communities unless it is relavent to mihimaru GT, and in that case please have more to your post than just an advert.
Links to other journals are fine, as long as they aren't friends-locked
Have fun! :D


mihimaru GT is a J-Urban and J-pop group signed to Universal Music Japan and managed by Tearbridge Productions, a subsidiary of Stardust Promotion and Avex Trax. Made up of composer, lyricist and vocalist Miyake and vocalist/lyricist Hiroko, the duo have tried their hand at fusing an urban sound with more traditional J-pop elements.

Prior to the formation of mihimaru GT, both members had relatively quiet solo careers under the same management. When neither member's career flourished, mihimaru GT was born - their name coined from the first two letters of both members' names with "maru" or "perfection" appended. The "GT" stands for "Gran Turismo", Miyake's favorite game.


Full Name:
Akutsu Hiroko (阿久津博子)
July 24th, 1984
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Vocalist, Lyicist, Rapper

Before her debut, Hiroko sent a demo tape full of Ayumi Hamasaki covers to her record label. Since then she has made a name for herself with mihimaru GT's urban-pop blend. Many people seem to find her appearance to be extremely similar to the ex-Morning Musume member, Mari Yaguchi. In 2007 Hiroko collaborated with artists SEAMO on the song Takarajima (from his ROUND ABOUT album), and Kusuo on the song Letter (from his Koi mo Ore Desu Bai mini-album). In 2009 she collaborated with the band All-American Rejects on the song Another Heart Calls (from their When The World Comes Down album, Japan Edition).


Full Name:
Miyake Mitsuyuki (三宅光幸)
Nickname: Mikkun (ミックン)
October 2nd, 1980
Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Composer, Lyricist, Rapper, Programmer

Before his debut, Miyake aimed to be a composer. After graduating Kanto Vocational School, where he studied the law of harmony, he worked as a song composer, arranger and MC, composing songs for well-known artists such as SMAP and BoA. As well as being involved in the creative process of writing songs, Miyake also lends distinctive rap vocals to mihimaru GT's more upbeat songs. In 2009 Miyake remixed ET-KING's song Hallelujah for their 10th Anniversary album 10-ten- (labeled "blue-floor REMIX").


Official Website
mihiGT @ Universal J
mihimaru blog
mihimaCafé Forums
mihiGT @ Wikipedia

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